staff pressroom

Vacancy: F&B service employee A.K.A. fortune teller

People instantly feel great when you are around. You love working in a team, and surprise people with your unexpected favors or gestures. You have a slight cleaning obsession. A knife with a fingerprint freaks you out. If you see a chair that is not aligned, you can’t help but move it. There’s no guest, you didn’t see arrive. You see everything. You know what people think and want before they do.

Bars and restaurants
Working as a team
Talking AND listening
Going that extra mile
Creating memorable experiences for others
Going that extra mile
Creating memorable experiences for others
Dirty cutlery
No drinks on the table
No one smiling
Warm meals served cold

PRESSROOM is INK Hotel Amsterdam’s vibrant heart. It functions not only as the living room of our hotel guests, it’s also a place where locals gather to eat, drink, work and meet. During lunchtime you’ll find that PRESSROOM’s full of people sharing delicious fish, meat or veggie planks and devouring irresistible sandwiches. We’ve got a van der Westen espresso machine and expert baristas, ready to supply all coffee junkies with their caffeine fix. You’ll feel right at home. It’s the perfect place to enjoy your afternoon tea or curl up with a book in a comfy chair. At night, PRESSROOM is all about sharing. Sharing time, stories and food. We’ve got some insanely talented bartenders, shaking up the sweetest, stiffest and most innovative drinks in town.

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